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July 27, 2011

khub chand

khub chand in connaught place, new delhi, is a senior citizen. it has been selling ham, sausages and salami all these years, and not so long ago it installed a small stove to grill ready-made kebabs for customers waiting to get their meat packed. the few people in delhi who has been buying from here continue to visit the place.

audio cassettes that used to roar yesterday have retired into the cupboard today.

tall ceiling. long-rod fan. a distinctive influence of the british rule.

notable: even allowing for inflation, you have to love their rate list: pork kindney (proving that beauty is not just skin deep), sparibs and troters — two fighting clans from middle earth — and frank furter, who, if you remember, was "just a sweet transvestite, from transsexual transylvania" in the rocky horror picture show. ("that's a rather tender subject. another slice, anyone?") — sajan venniyoor

for the legendary bangalore ham shop, visit slice of history, the times of india


  1. Was searching for Khoob Chand and stumbled up on your blog. Thank you for the article and the beautiful pictures. Places like these are rare to come by. An equivalent from Calcutta (where I am from) would be Kalman or UP Cold storage.

  2. Thank you Saptarshi. I read some reviews of Kalman. I will look up for it when I am in Cal next time.

  3. Such places have a wonderful charm about them ......

  4. Sadly, most of them are disappearing fast. Some lose out to real estate hounds backed by the city administration. So many nice small shops with a lot of history behind has disappeared in Bangalore due to Metro work




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