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August 14, 2011

in a free state, where...

the world's fourth largest railway carries 30 million passengers daily

there are no dedicated cycle tracks

the mind is without fear

the head is held high

girl students in government schools have to skip class and run home to use the toilet since there are no sanitation facilities.

a wall needs god's protection to keep it safe from being peed on

the number of gods equals the human population

individual freedom of expression is respected despite the shortcomings

helpful people speak on behalf of an individual who has been robbed of his voice

a people's voice can never be heard

agriculture is still an economic mainstay

farmers, like soldiers, love serving

farmers, like slaves, have to toil in urban jungles for lack of land and opportunities

a person can take a dip with reverence

a person can take a dip for fun

fat ducks roam around in urban parks

elephants are robbed of their habitat

forest guards live in misery with little pay

an older generation fails to disappear

a younger generation lives fast and disappear young

youth is king, still

the food is good at every nook and corner

the best sweets are made

everybody likes a good film

actors are gods

new writers spring up every day

education is a matter of luck

girl children are not really wanted although they are as good as boys when it comes to showing excellence

the nuclear family is being marketed by businesses as an ideal lifestyle

handicrafts is dying a slow death

nobody bothers about what's going on in the islands

one gets to choose from several varieties

public transport fare meters fulfill the condition: e = mc square, 'c' being the speed of light

yesterday's western singers are coming back

the monument of love and loss lies

a man loved his wife so much that he built a monument in her memory

communism and its friends are good art

it's business as usual on the streets

election symbols are intriguing

labour is cheap

freedom means different things to different people

people have to be reminded to vote, to vote, to vote

dustbins are scarce

some villages are beautiful, calm and safe

likes and dislikes are many

the india gate is

monkeys seem to be in power

non-violence turned violent

exclusive urbanisation meant for a few people alienates millions of citizens

the press doesn't care

(independence day, 2011, series. images compiled from the old and new journey basket blogs. some images treated with cross-processing option 2 in lightroom)


  1. I love it - its so expressive - am so proud of ya man :) the pics speak volume...great job!!!

  2. Great post, sounds and looks more of a reality check. Superb pictures and I like them for the honesty they are projecting...

  3. thanks 'devil' aka swati. please change your username :p

    thank you saru. most of the pics are old ones, and some are done badly :-(



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