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August 18, 2011

hampi and rimjhim coffee

hampi in karnataka is also known as the 'second goa'.

instead of beaches it has beautiful ruins of the vijayanagar empire. 

the ferocious tungabhadra river cuts across hampi, ferocious because it is wide and its current strong, and the sound it makes at night is chilling. but to sit by its banks with a good book and tea is a vacation worth having.

this is not in hampi but uppinangdi, about an hour's drive from mangalore.

the delightful rimjhim coffee at laxminivasa hotel, kalladka, on national highway 48 near uppinangdi. confusing directions! but if you do visit this place try their fluffy buns too. i did not get enough time to ask about why this coffee is so popular. you may check out this article in mangalore today.

back in bangalore.



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