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10 December 2016

Taking a walk in Sri Lanka

A caretaker at Pinnawala elephant orphanage, south-central Sri Lanka.

Mirissa, a fishing town in south Sri Lanka. From here boats venture out to the Indian Ocean.

A bus stand at Galle, south Sri Lanka.

Kandy, central Sri Lanka. A semi-hill town that was also the last capital of the country's king before the seat of power moved to Colombo.

Kandy main street.

Temple of the Tooth, Kandy. A Buddhist place of worship where it is believed the left upper canine tooth of Lord Buddha is kept. 

Kandy entrepreneurs.

Kandy railway station. [On our way from Kandy to Colombo the engine broke down. The authorities then asked us to move to another train. Some time later a rescue train pulled up on the side. There was no platform. We jumped with our bags into the first available open door of the new train. It started moving about 15 seconds after the last fellow made his leap of faith between the tracks. It was quite like in the movies, only that it was no stunt.]   

Hikkaduwa beach, south Sri Lanka.

Galle Fort, south Sri Lanka.

Kandy lake.


  1. Srilanka has always been a place which is more of a troubled part of earth to me, my love towards the Tamils living there and the internal issues has left my wishlist away from Srilanka for all these years. After seeing your pics I am truly intrigued and may be sometime want to visit.
    Menaka Bharathi has recently published http://www.simpleindianmom.in/coconut-oil-equals-mothers-milk/

    1. Hi. I really liked Sri Lanka, at least the places where I went towards south and central Sri Lanka. I did not have time to see the northern parts, but will find time to return. A friend from Chennai who's into social service shuttles between upcountry and the north, and I wish to see their work. It's a beautiful country; the people were amazing, and the island nation is better than India in many social indicators -- health and education. The best part was there was always space for pedestrians to walk on any road across the country -- villages or cities -- unlike in India where no thought is given to pedestrian infrastructure. Also, a sustainable way of life and peace with nature are integral to Sri Lanka, that's what I observed, while in other countries sustainability is a fashion statement :-)



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