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This Lockdown Life

I asked some friends, family and colleagues to send photos that show them working from home amid the coronavirus pandemic. I would like to thank them for participating in this fun activity and sending their photos by taking time out from their busy schedule. What started out as an idea for a short blog post with a few friends grew into a big caravan. Many of us have not met in months. So it is nice to see everyone - 60 and more being added - on the same page, like sitting around an imaginary bonfire on a pleasant night, surrounded by happy people. An introduction is perhaps expected of this post, but pure dread is what comes to mind whenever the thought of writing an introduction merely surfaces. Any attempt to reveal some grand truth would fail instantly. This is no longer the time of “random musings” like in the heyday of blogging some 13-14 years ago. I’ll leave with an idea borrowed from the writer Annie Dillard: How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. What we

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