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Reading Time: A Short History of Indian Railways, and some photos

Anyone who is fascinated by the world of trains will not be disappointed in reading A Short History of Indian Railways by Rajendra B Aklekar, who has written a biography on legendary railway engineer and "Metro Man" Dr E Sreedharan. The engineer is credited with building the Konkan Railway along the western coast on an extremely difficult terrain and introducing metro rail in India.

Former BBC India correspondent and author Sir Mark Tully has written an excellent foreword to A Short History of Indian Railways. Here's an excerpt:

I have told tales, too, of my encounters with passengers. There was the passenger on the Khyber Mail who I found reading my book No Full Stops in India. He told me I had no reason to be pleased about this, because he was reading a pirated copy, and went on to say, 'Now write No Punctuation Marks in Pakistan'.

It's quite a coincidence that I also read No Full Stops in India during a train journey from Delhi to Guwahati - the route that…

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