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Toots, boosts, fediverse and Mastodon: It's like homecoming

Let’s get two things aside right away. This is not a tech blog, and there is no data or coding to show the observations here. Everything is an opinion of just another longtime blogger who has understood a little bit about how social media, especially serious blogging, perhaps works.

Mastodon, that friendly thing everyone has been talking about, feels like it’s back to 2006 when blogging was fun, fresh and innocent. Everyone is welcoming and giving high-fives. But we know what happened to blogging later on.

So it’s possible Mastodon may take an entirely new shape in time. The kinds of safeguards it has, however, are likely to help resist negative changes when compared to traditional social networks that have become big brands.

You will find more than a handful of detailed explainers on Mastodon on Google Search, so let’s skip that part. This one is good (YouTube link). It is highly recommended that you memorise the words commonly used on Mastodon - “toot” for tweet, “instance” for ser…

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