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Update: Dharavi’s Flowers, the latest mural at Lodhi Art District, and more

Lodhi Art District, the only ‘district’ in India whose entire length and width you can cover by foot under an hour, has got some new murals on the walls of the government flats that are scattered around this posh area lined with tall trees. Some of the murals are also recent ones that have not been published here. (See: All the 52 murals till April 2019, the following update and the last post before this update). St+art India Foundation has been supporting the artists and organising ‘walk festivals’ since 2015. For the upcoming guided walks, see this schedule.

Pigeons by Adele Renault (top)
Belgian street artist Adele Renault, 31, is known for her murals of very large pigeons. Ms Adele’s work is immediately relatable. Her interest in people and pigeons stems from the commonality that no matter the city, each can be found in abundance. With meticulous care and attention to detail, she renders an old woman’s face and a pigeon’s with the same precision. The ever-changing colours of the p…

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