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Discover India: Listen To These 5 Awesome Songs From Manipur

The lockdown necessitated by the coronavirus pandemic has led to a spike in YouTube surfing. Here are some good songs, old and new, from Manipur that have been popping up on the playlist in recent weeks. Even if you don’t know Meiteilon, one of the main languages spoken in the state, you could enjoy some of the songs and their videos. Discover more of India. Have fun and stay safe.

“Nungsi Hidak” by Imphal Talkies, 2014

"Tamna Tamna" by Solace Her, 2019

“Choijainarabi” by Udit Narayan, 2000

“Thawaigi Thawai” by Tapta, 1997-99

“Bullet Bullet” by Kabira, 2018

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